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Need help? Here are our Frequently Asked Questions.

What is TravelWise?
ACT TravelWise is the UK's premier network for all organisations working to promote sustainable travel ( formed by the merger of the National TravelWise Association (NTWA) ( and Association of Commuter Transport (ACT) in early 2008. Their vision is a society in which people and organisations can meet their travel needs in ways that protect and enhance the environment, improve public health and support community well-being. Their mission is to support their members in their work to promote sustainable travel through provision of first-class learning opportunities, partnership working, marketing support and networking events, all with a specific focus on building expertise and experience in travel planning and other cost-effective demand management measures.

This Community TravelWise website has been developed to give local authorities and an easy-to-use facility to publish local and Travel Plans onto the Internet. This enables both visitors to easily access these Travel Plans and other related information.

What are Travel Plans?
Travel Plans are a fundamental topic in the movement to promote sustainable transport. They gather together information, leads and ideas primarily for local authority officers and transport campaigners to promote different modes of transport to/from community venues.

How do I sign up my community to the Community TravelWise website?
You can sign up your community by going to the "Sign Up Now" banner or the "Register here for your free Community TravelWise website" on the home page. Both of these will give you a registration form to fill in.

What happens next?
Your district Travel Adviser will be in touch with you to complete the registration process..

How do I organise a Travel Plan?
Your district Travel Adviser will provide you with advice and help.

What information do I need to add to my webpage on the website?
The basic information of name and address, general information about your community, your website address and general contact details and even add your community logo. You can add a main page image and your logo through the manage images option in the Wizard. Additionally you can add map items, which are displayed on the map on your home page. You can display routes for park and stride and cycle paths.

How do I add this information about the community?
  • Log in via the link at the bottom of the TravelWise website. You will be prompted for your user name and password.
  • Fill in the editable region in the basic information Wizard.
  • The map items will be centered on you postcode, click on the map at the correct position.
I want to add activity groups to my community?
Click on manage activity groups in the Wizard, from here you can add and delete activity groups. You will need to give the group a name, select the region and district, which the group fall under and issue a user name and password for the manager of the group. If this is yourself enter your own details here. Only the manager for the group can edit the activity group's details and add events. The group activity manager will need fill in contact details and add a thumbnail image. To maintain user details, including passwords for the activity group, access them through the Wizard.

Hint - this is where you access details for a forgotten password.

How do I add /manage events for the activity groups?
These are accessed by the activity Wizard, click on edit event details. A daily calendar for the current month will be displayed where you can add events for a specific day by clicking on the appropriate add button.
You will need to complete details on:
  • Information description of the event
  • The start time of the event (24 hr clock)
  • The finish time of the event (24 hr clock)
  • The location of the event
  • The post code where the event is taking place
Your district Travel Adviser is available for further help if required.

How do I add news to the community page?
  • This can only be accessed by the community manager. It is accessed by logging in and maintaining through the Wizard. Click on manage news.
  • You can then add / edit or delete news items that will appear in your Community group news page.
How do I manage the info page?
  • This can only be accessed by the community manager. It is accessed and maintained by logging in through the control panel. Click on manage info.
What are Zebra Crossings?
It is a pedestrian crossing, which relies on road traffic giving priority to pedestrians when one is waiting to cross. They are named for the zebra-like black and white stripes painted across the carriageway. An integral feature of British zebra crossings are Belisha Beacons.

What are Pelican Crossings?
These are pedestrian crossings that use traffic lights to control motorised traffic. The name given to these pedestrian crossings - "Pelican" - is an acronym of the name given to the crossings when they were first introduced in the 1960's - a 'PeLiCon' crossing, or Pedestrian Light Controlled crossing.

What are Puffin Crossings?
These are signalised pedestrian crossing, where the lights controlling pedestrians are located at the same side of the road instead of the opposite side. This encourages people to stand further back from the kerb.

What are Toucan Crossings?
These are very similar to a pelican crossing, except that there are two paths across the road, one for pedestrians and one for cyclists or horses. The name Toucan is derived from the idea that 'two can' cross at once.


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